Fusion Duality by Evolved

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I wanted to love this toy.

It’s a ten and a half inch, ABS plastic, body safe vibrator with dual motors, a g-spot head, a bumpy textured head and sixteen possible sensation combinations.  It’s a really cool purple color and comes in a wickedly awesome metal storage tin.


Unfortunately I don’t love it.

It’s ok.  It’s different.  The vibrations are fairly powerful and relatively quiet.  The patterns of vibrations are pleasant even if I don’t understand where they get the number sixteen from unless you count “off”.

There are three levels of intensity of vibration — low, medium and high.  These are easily scrolled thru using the touch pad button on the g-spot side of the vibrator.  There are also three different patterns of vibration that are easily scrolled thru using the other touch pad button.  Each motor is separate so you can have both sides going at once or one side at a time and numerous patterns and combinations depending upon how you push the buttons.  The buttons are insertable so you can use either end of the vibrator for thrusting.

But it just wasn’t all that spectacular.  It was just shy of being strong enough, just shy of being quiet enough and the patterns were just shy of being really excellent.  The g-spot end was slightly pokey to me and the ridged end just not that exciting.

The place the Fusion Duality shines is really it’s waterproof abilities.  Tried and tested, this toy is truly waterproof in either bath or shower.

It’s also non porous, easily cleaned plastic so you can use silicone lube in the bath or shower and have a slippery good time for as long as the four AAA batteries last you, then clean up with soap and water and you’re good to go.

Perhaps I’m just spoiled by the really incredible toys I’ve tried lately.  This vibrator by Evolved is chock full of options, body safe, phthalate free plastic, dual headed and reasonably priced.  Not my ideal vibrator or favorite sex toy but it’s not a dud, either.  Babeland stocks them for a very reasonable $45.00.

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