Angelic? Maybe. Heavenly? Not so much.

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515-0031The Angel (or Angelo on the Fun Factory site) has been on my wishlist for a good, long time.  I thought I’d love it.  I’m a huge fan of Fun Factory toys and it was high time I had one of their mini vibes; when Babeland offered the Angel up for review I was all over it like white on rice.


515-0051I don’t love it.  I don’t hate it but I don’t love it.  I’m really quite apathetic about it.

Perhaps I’m spoiled but it’s four inch length simply wasn’t enough to make it useful as a g-spot vibrator for me and it’s 2 AAA batteries just didn’t give it enough oomph as a clitoral stimulator, either.  It’s got a nice girth at 1 1/2 inches in diameter but, again, it’s too short to be of much use for me used internally since there is little room for thrusting.

515-008The Angel I got is a deep, rose pink and I find it very pretty.  The silicone is typical Fun Factory; slighly matte, velvety without being too slick, flexible yet firm with a thick, dense feeling to it.  I really, really like Fun Factory silicone.

It’s controlled by push buttons built into the silicone at the top of the shaft.  A simple plus for more intensity, minus for less.  Once you reach the peak of intensity, holding down the plus button for a bit starts the vibration patterns of which there are three.  Pressing and holding the minus button scrolls back down and eventually shuts the Angel off.

515-009Batteries are inserted via a twist off cap which must be aligned properly in order for the Angel to work.

All in all, the Angel is decent.  It’s a fair, moderatly powered, very quiet, small sized vibrator that should be enjoyable but fails, somehow, to be “enough” for me.  It’s forgettable amidst the sea of better toys out there.

515-002When it comes to Fun Factory, I’ll stick with my Boss, Gigolo or Laya Spot and leave the Angel for those who like smaller, less intense packages.

The Angel is waterproof thanks to an o-ring inside it’s cap (though some other reviewers have stated their particular toy didn’t have one) and can be cleaned up using soap and water, toy cleaner, wipes or a 10% bleach solution to sterilize so it can be shared.  Only water based lubes should be used and, like most Fun Factory toys, the Angel comes with a sample of their water based lube (Toy Fluid) .

Despite my apathy about this toy I sincerely appreciate that Babeland allowed me to review it.  Be sure to check out their site for this and many, many other sex toys.


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  1. I really do think it’s a case of being spoiled. I’ve gotten so many toys I really, really like lately that this one just didn’t stand out in the crowd.

    I probably would have loved it had I gotten it last year, or before I tried the full sized FF vibes. Or before I got that crazy looking “bad ass” bullet which is turning into the first thing I grab for these days.


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