Pink G-spot Magic

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glass and ceramic 013So a while back the guys from Don Wands were amazingly cool enough to send me a couple of toys; the Treeze Wave, which I reviewed over on Eden Fantasys, and this gorgeous pink glass piece that they call the Pink Bent Graduate.

It’s a pale, clear pink with two very distinct ends.  One end is straight, bulbous and ridged while the other end is a simple head on a bent/curved shaft.

I say simple but it’s anything but.

Normally I’d go on and on about the bulbed end, about the texture and amazing way it feels during thrusting.  But, honestly?  I’m WAY too distracted by the curved g-spot end to even remember what the bulbs felt like.

glass and ceramic 013This thing is…


A serious g-spot magnet.  I inserted it and it zeroed in on my g-spot so fast I think I stuttered.  It thrusts easily, is firm and gives perfect pressure for g-spot stimulation and takes absolutely no effort to find the spot and get busy.

Stick it in and commence to getting off cuz, sweet leaping jesus, the design is perfect.  For me at least.

This glass wand is 8.5 inches long with a 1.25 inch diameter at it’s widest spot and can be used in a gazillion ways, for a gazillion different sensations.  Even anal use is safe because of the bend in the shaft; it’s unlikely this thing is going to vanish up your ass.

glass and ceramic 018Like all glass, this one responds well to temperature, starting out cool and warming to your body temp with use.  You can run it under cold or warm water for even more fun.  Any lube can be used, though I find I barely need any with glass toys and it can be sanitized with a 10% bleach solution, by boiling or putting it in the dishwasher.  If you don’t need to be quite that stringent, soap and warm water do a fantastic job.

It comes with a plushy, padded, velvety draw string bag and I do recommend storing it in there to keep it from being damaged.

A HUGE thanks to Don Wands for this toy.  I love, loved, loved the Treeze vibe but this thing takes the cake.  One of the best, most effective g-spot toys I’ve ever used and it’s gorgeous and reasonably priced, too!

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