The Friendliest Ghost You Know

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Benjamin Bond 001Benjamin Bond.  The grinning little bondage ghost who happens to be a vibrator.  He’s been on my wishlist for years.  I’ve lusted.  I’ve whined.  I’ve sworn he would some day be mine.  I’ve looked at his price tag and swallowed hard and shook my head.

And then I bought him.

I could no longer resist.

He’s a smiling (rather a smirk, really) tied up ghost, for fuck’s sakes.  Of course I bought him.  Of course I couldn’t resist him.

He’s Benjamin Bond.

Did he live up to my expectations?

Yes indeed.

Benjamin Bond 005 Let’s start with the basics, hmm?

Benjamin Bond is part of the Sinnflut line from Fun Factory.  He’s a hair over six inches of squishy silicone goodness with a firm inner core (likley the motor, etc).  He has a 1.75 inch diameter that, along with the texture created by his bondage, makes him feel incredibly thick and girthy and filling.

Benjamin is completely waterproof.  He is rechargeable.  He has multiple speeds and patterns.  He is pool blue.  (You can get him in black, too, but I’m partial to unusual or different colors and he reminds me more of Casper in the blue color)

Benjamin is heavy and ribbed and his head is plushy and slightly smaller than the rest of him, making for easier penetration.  His silicone body is matte and velvety with that amazing drag and tug you only really get from matte silicone.  He can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, a ten percent bleach solution…  pretty much any way you want other than boiling or sticking him in the dishwasher.  He has a motor, so those things are probably not a great idea.

And oh what a motor it is.

Benjamin Bond 007Mr Bond is controlled via a small joystick in his base.  The joystick plugs him into his charging base and also controls vibrations.  A dedicated on/off button turns him on (and off, obviously) where he starts to rumble quietly in your hand.  Pressure to the joystick turns his vibrations either higher or lower, depending upon which direction you press it.  The lowest setting is a barely discernable buzz, the highest is a deep, throbby, low pitched but powerful hum.    The highest setting is easily more powerful than any of my Lelo toys, including the Elise, for comparison and is amazingly deep.  Just holding it in my hand as it rumbles makes my cunt throb in anticipation.  Once you’ve hit the highest setting, holding the joystick for a couple of seconds starts the vibrational patterns.  There are three of them and while they are fairly standard slow, medium and fast pulsations they are also very deep and throbby, which makes them stand out a bit compared to other toys.

Despite all the power behind the motor, however, Benjamin is fairly quiet and discreet and is unlikely to be heard behind a closed door unless someone is trying to hear it; definitely not enough to be heard along with some background noise like a t.v., music or fan.

Benjamin Bond 004 The Benjamin Bond not only has a strong motor capable of astounding vibrations, it’s rechargeable.  Not only is it rechargeable but it comes with the neatest looking base.  Benjamin stands in his charging base and both that base and the control pad on the toy itself remind me very much of a woman’s genitalia.  Definitely interesting and sexy to look at.

The toy is supposed to come charged (mine was dead) and the directions say you should completely discharge it before charging it.  Obvioiusly, since mine wasn’t charged, I didn’t have to.  You place Benjamin on his charging stand – his front against the stand – and allow him to energize his nickel metal hydride battery for at least ten hours for a full charge.  I’m an impatient wench and I tried him after eight hours, then again after a days worth of charging and there was a very, very big difference.  He’s much nicer when he gets a good charge.  So while it’s a long time to wait…  it’s worth it.  Totally worth it.

Fun Factory recommends completely charging him, then completely discharging him five times to get optimal performance out of the battery.  They also recommend repeating the charging procedure every three months to ensure long battery life.  The battery cannot be overcharged so it’s totally ok to leave Ben on his stand all the time – ensuring he’s ready to go when you are.

Benjamin Bond 009 I can’t rave about Benjamin enough.  He’s the new love of my life.  His little peaked head gives amazing pinpoint clitoral stimulation, the rest of his head and smirking face give super broader clitoral stimulation.  His bonds create a ribbed effect that is quite raised, quite thick and easily enough to fill and stretch in a pleasant way.  His silicone is plushy without being floppy at all.  The vibrations are easily enough to get me off clitorally (and how!) and they feel phenomenal inernally, as well.  I especially like the pulsating patterns when I use him internally, especially if I’m thrusting lazily instead of rapidly.  He’s not really a rapid thrust sort of toy, due to his girth and texture.  He does bend and flex a bit so it’s fairly easy for me to hit my g-spot with him but if g-spotting is new to you or you struggle with it, a more curved toy may be a better option if that’s your goal.

The joystick is unbelievably easy to use and yet it’s firm enough that it doesn’t get bumped mid use, causing you to switch the level of vibrations.

All in all…

Fun Factory, as usual, has left me very glad I purchased this toy.  It’s quality workmanship, exellent construction and, while pricey, definitely worth it.

You can find him at Eden Fantasys, along with a zillion other sex toys, under the traditional vibrator category.

Benjamin Bond.  My own, personal, friendly ghost….  all tied up and waiting for me.

As a side note, make sure you use only water based lubes with Benjy as silicone lubes could ruin him.  Also, if you’re going to use him for anal play, he doesn’t have a flared base so caution is recommended.

product picture
Traditional vibrator by Fun Factory
Material: Silicone

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