A Teasing, Tickling Little Bird

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The Kiwi.  Shaped a bit like the bird itself it’s a palm sized, light up, multi speed, silicone and ABS cutie of a patootie.

But does it work?  Is it as good as it looks?

That depends.

If you’ve ever had a rabbit vibrator and enjoyed the mad, rapid, insane and visible vibrating of it’s ears, you may just love the kiwi.  It’s whippy and quick just like those rabbit ears.

If you need pressure or a throbbier vibration, you probably want to pass.

As mentioned, the kiwi is palm sized.  It measures in at five inches long with a 2″ diameter.  That diameter is at the widest point of the entire toy, though, which happens to be the base/control area.  The wiggling tip is slender and smaller around than a Bic pen.

The Kiwi isn’t large, by any means, but it is bigger than most clit stimulators.  It’s egg shaped, plastic base base, combined with it’s size, makes it really easy to hold in the hand — which, in turn, makes it super easy to direct the vibrating tip.

Speaking of the tip, it’s silicone and super flexible.  When pressed against, it immediately gives and bends, which doesn’t allow for much pressure in use but it’s really not designed to give pressure.  It’s designed to tickle and wiggle against whatever spot you use it on and I’ve found it works extremely well against both nipples and clitoris, as well as along the neck, behind the ear, the backs of the knees….

Anywhere you enjoy a tickling, teasing touch.

And to make it even more nifty, it lights up.  Yes, indeed, it lights up.  It has a tiny pink led in the tip that glows as soon as you turn it on, glowing brighter as you turn it up and pulsing with the patterns.  So as you tickle and tease, even in the dark, you can light up the area the tip is touching.  It’s pretty damned cool.

The Kiwi is controlled by two buttons in it’s oval base; press the upper one, nearest the tip, and it’ll start to buzz (and glow!) lightly.  A second and third press set it to buzzing at a medium then a fast pace.  Like rabbit ears on a dual stimulator, you can actually see the slender tip vibrating with the Kiwi.  Subsequent presses start the patterns, of which there are seven.  Patterns are pretty standard escalations, pulsations and roller coastering type.  The little light in the tip glows and blinks in time with what each pattern is doing and makes me giggle if I get to watching it too closely.  It’s like your own little tickling light show!

Vibrations are quite strong and buzzy and extremely quiet.  Buzzy I expected, due to the slender tip but I was surprised at the strength of the vibes, especially out of 2 AAA batteries.  (Which are inserted, btw, by twisting the base from the shaft, slipping the batteries in one up, one down, then twisting the base back on)  The very quiet buzz is a nice bonus, for sure.

All in all, the Kiwi is pretty nifty.  For me, it’s not enough to get me off but it’s absolutely a lot of fun.  I have really enjoyed figuring where I can use it for effective stimulation that teases and arouses, even if it’s not going to get me over the edge.  If those whippy little ears on rabbit vibes are your thing, though, the Kiwi really might just knock your socks off.

It’s not going to be *the* sextoy for everyone, but it’s definitely got it’s spot in my toybox and I’ll pull it out again and again to tease myself into arousal.

Clean up is easy by wiping down or washing in the sink since the Kiwi is waterproof.  You can use a bleach solution if you like but don’t boil or put it in the dishwasher, since you could ruin the motor.

Water based lubes only, please!

Store either in the lovely black and green box it comes in or with other silicone or plastic toys.  (I haven’t had any material issues doing this, nothing reacting oddly)

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by World Access
Material: Silicone / Plastic

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  1. I love the Ki-Wi! Not only is the shape absolutely gorgeous but it’s curve perfectly fits several areas of the body – the waist, the thighs, the neck, the underside of the breasts…
    .-= LoveHoney – Carly´s last blog ..Introducing The Winner Of Design A Sex Toy 2009 =-.


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