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yard and stuff 002bSo Rayne asked about my camera today and Laurel commented on some review pics taken with it so I figured I’d post an update.

I do like the camera, quite a bit.  It’s still giving me some grief with focusing but I’m figuring my way around it.  If I had it to do over again?  I’d probably go with a bridge camera but this one was affordable and does alright. :)

Some pics, unedited…


Gallant 008

Gallant 024Gallant 005

Gallant 020 Gallant 021

Gallant 022Gallant 023 Gallant 026 Gallant 032 Gallant 030 Gallant 028

yard and stuff 028 yard and stuff 007

In order…  Taylor, weeding the patio WV style. With a flame thrower.  The bubbly water in the stream part of our backyard pond.  Taylor and That Teen cleaning up the patio.  The dog, all astonished by the running water on the walkway – then drinking it. Cuz, he’s a dog, yanno?  Herbs on the balcony.  Not doing so well yet. We’ve had such odd weather.  Oat grass stuff for the cat plus basil and mint and lemon balm and chives and parsley.  And my roses, of course.

Bored yet?

I’m gonna go walk the dogs.  Maybe I’ll have something to actually “say” tomorrow. :)

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  1. kittencunt says:

    I’m so jealous of your herbs. I get some in my CSA, but it’s never enough. They look nommy!
    .-= kittencunt´s last blog ..One day on Fetlife =-.

    • CarrieAnn says:

      I’m kind of sad cuz I didn’t get many this year. My Italian parsley didn’t come up, my lavender didn’t come up… some other stuff, too. But, at least I got a few, right?

  2. I’m so jealous of your backyard! And your herbs! And your backyard! Lol

    I didn’t get to garden at all this year but I’m thinking of starting a window box or two for herbs so I can bring them indoors in winter.
    .-= Melen’s Rayne´s last blog ..Reveling in My Sexuality =-.

    • CarrieAnn says:

      The backyard and balcony is the main reason we moved here. We’re in an upper flat and it is TINY so we pay for the choice all winter long when we can’t do much outside and are all cluttered up in here.

      But it’s worth it.

      It’s all fenced in so the dogs can roam around without us having to chain them or be out there with them and there’s lots of space to plant and whatnot.

      Remind me of that in winter, k?

  3. kaya says:

    I want a pond! Do you have fish in it?
    .-= kaya´s last blog ..Logic and Reason =-.

    • CarrieAnn says:

      We used to! But we took them down in the basement for winter and the tank they were in.. the heater failed… and they died. :(

      It’s prettier come August when the plants around it have spread and you can’t see that it’s a big, black, fake pond. hehe

  4. wendiana says:

    i love my lemon balm. Mint spreads like crazy, your basil (i think?) looks good. I saw some cinnamon basil this spring & didn’t have the cash to buy it–now I can’t find it again. Every year since the kids were little, Ive done a “Simon & Garfunkel” (Scarborough Fair) patch–parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme. Everything is hardy–except for the rosemary–but it’s awesome as a houseplant too.

    Your pond & patio is awesome, keep trying w/ the fishies. They are so fun to watch!

    I love that your guys torch your weeds–I’d do that but prolly catch myself on fire. lol. It’s beautiful!!!
    Reminds me of all the work I need to do outside *sigh* LOL I’ll catch up in about 4 years…maybe.

  5. Alley says:

    I am truly in love with your dog. May borrow your adorable puppy for like, well ever!?!?

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