Ahhh. Sunday.

I love Sundays.

Sundays are our “nothing” days.  We lounge around in jammies and do as little as possible.

Sunday’s in the winter are even better cuz it’s cozy and warm in the house and blustery outside and I feel, more so than any other time, the tight knit closeness of our family.

Today the kids Taylor and the kid are flopped out on the futon playing some car game on playstation, the dogs are nuzzled up between them, I’m curled up in my chair with some fabulous french vanilla coffee and life just seems…  good.  Really good.

The realities of every day hassles and problems and issues just don’t seem important on Sunday.

And I like that.  A lot.

And speaking of the dogs….

Dazey and Leonidas playing tug, Dazey and Leonidas playing PS2 with the kids Taylor and the kid, Dazey playing demure and Leonidas being very curious about the flash.

Dazey and Leonidas Dazey and Leonidas playing PS2

Dazey Leonidas


The puppy is coming along nicely.  He still pees in the house on occasion but, just as often, he’ll stand at the head of the steps hoping someone will take him out.  The key, at this point, is paying attention and noticing that.

Not much else to say, today.

Life seems as vanilla as my coffee (ok, I actually loathe flavored coffees so it’s columbian coffee with homemade vanilla cream in it) but that’s ok.  I’m going to indulge in a long, hot bath later and just…  enjoy it.

Hope y’all are having a weekend as lovely – in whatever way is lovely to you – as we are.


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