Cabbage Soup

Buy a pound of already cut up beef — like that crap they label “beef for stir fry”.

Toss it in a stock pot with some olive oil and salt and pepper and let it brown.

Meanwhile, chop up a head of cabbage and saute it in some butter along with an onion and a few stalks of celery chopped up.

Toss that stuff, once it is semi soft, into the stock pot with the meat.

Peel 5 big potatoes and throw them in, too.

Dump in a bag of baby carrots.

Fill to cover everything with stock (from a can or a container or whatever. Even bouillon will do) , then open a can of diced tomatoes and dump that in, too.  You can use whatever kind of stock you want; beef, chicken, vegetable, a mixture, it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things.

Simmer until the carrots are soft.

Pour in one tablespoon of red wine vinegar after you’ve simmered if you want an amazing little zing and bit of depth to the taste of the soup — but ONLY If you used beef stock.

Eat in vast quantities when you feel sick.

Like me. Now.

It is a great change of pace from plain old boring chicken soup.



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  1. Serafina says:

    perfect. . .except I would add onions and saute them after the beef is mostly browned. Also you might try a nice bunch of dill, (seeds, herb- dried or best fresh) You almost can not over do!

    This soup can also be made with chicken or pork.

    In Mennonite circles you have made kumpst borscht!! Adding buttermilk or cream is also often done. . . but all in all. . .very delicious!

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