Cake Desserted Island Brown Sugar Scrub

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I’m a huge body scrub addict.  Sugar, salt, walnut, apricot kernel; if it’s scrubby I like it.  I have to admit I generally make my own, though.  It’s easy and it’s cheap and I have enough scented oils to make 27 gazillion pounds of the stuff and only ever buy the sugar or salt.

But there are times when you want a particular scent to go along with other bath products and you just have to bite the bullet and splurge…

Which is what I did with this Cake Brown Sugar scrub.  I got it in the Desserted Island Scent and it’s heavenly!  Cake describes it as Tahitian vanilla and coconut and it really is that simple.  I get maybe a hint of a citrus smell, as well, plus the sugar smell — but mostly it’s a soft, warm coconut.

No fear, though!  This is not the coconut nightmare of your sunbathing past.  This is a grown up, lightly toasted, not too sweet, not too candy sort of scent that clings to the skin and leaves you smelling good but not like a candy bar.

Sugar scrubs are great — and supposedly better for your skin than salt, due to the grains being less likely to scratch the skin — but you should use care using it in the genital area. If you’re prone to yeast infections, stay away from your vagina and don’t use it in a tub bath.  Other than that, though?  Go nuts!  Spread this stuff on elbows and feet and knees and legs and butt and arms and chest and belly and scrub and rub and exfoliate that body!  You’ll be smooth and soft and totally touchable with a nice, healthy glow.

This stuff seriously makes my skin so soft I don’t even need to use a lotion after my shower.  I’m kind of in love with it.

Definitely rinse with  fairly warm to hot water, though, so that you don’t have too much of an oily residue.  This is oil based — in fact, it’s primarily oil and sugar — so, again, rinse well and be careful to rinse your tub, too. You don’t want to fall and kill yourself when you smell so good and have such soft skin.

I use this primarily in the bath and my routine goes kind of like this:

Cake Supremely Rich bath and shower froth for bubbles in the tub.

Same stuff to wash with.


Sugar scrub.

Let the water out of the tub, turn the shower on, rinse.

Dry off.

Pet myself a lot.

Sniff myself a lot.

Get weird looks.

Climb into bed happy.

A must have, right?

I got mine at EdenFantasys, cuz they sell way more than just sex toys. You should too — and you should do so soon while it is still 25% off!


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