Calgon, take us away!!!!!!!

“Anything, anything would be better than this agony of mind, this creeping pain that gnaws and fumbles and caresses one and never hurts quite enough”
~Jean-Paul Sartre

Someone give me a grand, ok? Lol. I need – desperately NEED – a weekend I don’t have to pay for to just get away from everything. A weekend spent in a hotel with a pool and a hot tub in my room and very thick walls and superb pizza delivery. A weekend where Taylor and I can immerse ourselves in us. A weekend where I can drift in and out of what y’all call subspace. Where I can be naked for 48 hours straight, where we can indulge in all the aspects of BDSM we don’t have space for at home or time for in our very busy and hectic schedule.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I complain a lot about this very subject but it’s not as bad as all that. (Can’t have my cuppy cake worrying about me, damn it. :) We’re not suppose to have to worry about our mentors! Love you, chelle!) We DO play. We fuck like bunnies, indulge in rough and rowdy sex, have a large number of little “force” scenes and our fair share of spanking and other misc. pain play. That’s not the issue. I’m not craving those little things. I’m craving the big shebang! That all intensive, consuming, uninhibited buzz you get from a LOT of time to dedicate to BDSM. Hours and hours and hours, days, wrapped up in each other and nothing to focus on but our dynamic and the intense aspects of it.

I want to crawl and kneel and cry and whimper and be brought to a shuddering mass of wasted, used up flesh in ways we simply can’t do at home with a 13 year old and slightly nosy neighbors and half a day off to do it in. I want to drag out the floggers and whips we don’t have room to use in the house.

I need time OFF! Lol. And I need to be away from here! And I can’t afford to pay for it!

So I’m stuck with this creeping pain… that gnaws and fumbles… but is never quite enough.


I love Taylor. And we’re doing quite well. But, gawds, we need a weekend to ourselves.

On a less whiny note…
I recently discovered my inner labia piercings have NOT closed up, despite a year without wearing the ring. How cool, eh?

We also just got the movie “The Pet”. Haven’t watched the whole thing but I’m not very impressed as of half way thru it. Poor acting, poor premise, rather choppy plot line – the only thing good so far is the cinematography. Very beautiful shots thru some of it.

Not much of a blog. Definitely not very “deep”, is it? Lol. Another time, friends.


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  1. Naughtybuttcute says:

    That is a really funny quote. I can just imagine the poor sub. “You call that a smack?!”

    I think we all get that tremendous craving your refering to. Does Taylor have any friends? Perhaps you can convince her to spend a weekend at a friends house. I know I did it all the time at 13.

    I feel the same way you do about the Pet Movie (did you see my review?) I don’t think anyone on the staff of that film is directly involved with the lifestyle!



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