Clear as mud

I  have a million things to do but, instead, I’m sitting here listening to a mix of Lauren Hill and Amy Winehouse on Spotify and taking pictures of my coffee and nails. (The coffee is dunkin donuts strawberry shortcake, which is surprisingly good with some sugar, especially iced. The nail polish is cheap wet and

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Life, Lately: March 2013

Life, Lately Stuff from Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr Nails – purple, purple + glitter, purple + glitter + flakies, blue and glittery Riding – New windshield, Taylor’s airbrushed tank and trunk Doggies – Dazey beagle and Leonidas – life is oh so hard Me – Curly headed and happy. (Plus a very rare full body shot.)

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I caught up on blogs today.  Blog reading, that is.  For the most part, for the past few months, I’ve only had a chance to skim my favorites — so I was excited to be able to sit down today and peruse all the blogs at my leisure. I noticed some things immediately: 1. Once

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An Indigo Sort of Blue

I’m not prone to depression. Sure, there are times when I get down, times when I get stressed. I have seasons that are better than others. Right now? I feel like I’ve been down for a long, long time. It’s not a “life is bad” sort of down.  Life is good, really.  I have so

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A Rare Tizzy

But last night, I was reading an article on CNN, and I got flipping ANGRY. Like Hulk Smash angry. Like I grew and started to turn green and was about to smash people but then I realized the people I was mad at weren’t anywhere near me and, damn, I’d better write about it.

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Winter blahs?

Sometimes, when the snow has gone to slush and the world is dingy and grey and caked with salt, the longing for spring pierces like a knife. I love winter, love hoodies and yoga pants and slippers and robes. I love warm, comforting food and soft, fuzzy blankets. I love snugly dogs and long, dark

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Blah Blah Blah with a Dash of Bleh

February 11, 2013 By In Babble No Comment

So… I realized the other day that I haven’t really been sick this winter. A few minor sniffles and stomach upsets but nothing that lasted more than a day or so. I knocked on wood the second I realized it but I also gave myself a little pat on the back. I am pretty sure

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Squeeeeeeeeeee! I love it!!! That is all.

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January 16, 2013 By In Babble 1 Comment

So…  I’m getting an iPad. I’m getting a small settlement from the accident I was in this past fall and we decided to use it for one necessary thing, one splurge and one “help someone else” thing. So we’re buying a new bed — because ours is at least 943 years old.  We need one.

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When I was Single and Going to Bars

January 9, 2013 By In Blog No Comment

Many years and a few lifetimes ago I was a single man. Yeah that’s hard to believe right? But I swear to God it’s true. And like a lot of single men I went to bars. I was never the guy to go to a bar just to hangout though. I never understood why anyone

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January 9, 2013 By In Love No Comment

What was it that comic said the other night? You know you’ve found the one when you no longer want to leave?  When you recognize all their little faults and annoying traits and horrible habits and, if it were anyone else, you’d be out the door — but because it’s them you think…  nah…  I”ll stay.

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January 8, 2013 By In Life No Comment

Some days I think people do not know how to be happy anymore. I feel like I”m surrounded by negativity, by people who don’t have anything to say unless it’s something unkind, sarcastic, snarky or mean. It seems like people don’t have anything good in their lives. Or, when they do, it’s so short lived.

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Every once in awhile I pull out one of those old school,  C battery taking, traditional plastic vibes that cost less than $15.  Or a $10 pocket rocket. I take them out and I use them and I get off like lightening and I grin, remembering the days when they were all I had and I

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Video killed the radio star

Hello.  I hope you’re not expecting much.  I know it’s been awhile — and today my fingers felt the urge to type and type so here I am — but I still don’t have much to say. How about a list?  Lists are easy and catch you up fast, right? Right. So a list it

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Tablet Blogging

September 21, 2012 By In Blog 1 Comment

What can inspire a blogger who hasn’t blogged in months to open the old wordpress?  An app on the Nook,of course. Yes. This is just a test. Sorry! I truly suck.

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I’m a pretty up kind of person. I try not to let shit bog me down, try not to let the little things worry me too much, try to live in the moment and be thankful for what I have. But lately? I have the blues, man. Mostly it’s little stuff; the kid growing up

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Just because it made me say yes, I think I’ve done that. In another life.

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Just because…

…you think you know me doesn’t mean you do. I’m starting to think that ALL the people who *think* they know me stopped paying attention a long time ago. Do you know me? Or do you know the me you saved in your head that may have fit the me I was then but no

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Bits and Fluff

A million small pricks will damage the heart as much as a single large blow.  More, maybe. Insomnia sucks.  Cycles of sleeping too much and not sleeping enough leave you looking and feeling  ragged and blue. Make up doesn’t help Spring makes my heart smile Open windows and breezes make Sunday mornings in bed a

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December 28, 2011 By In Life No Comment

I?  Am entirely too susceptible to suggestion.  I read about coffee, I need to make a cup of coffee. I read about breakfast, I’m hungry for eggs. In the series of books I’m reading one of the main characters keeps nibbling on glazed almonds.  Of course I am now sitting here with glazed pecans (I

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Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2011 By In Life 2 Comments

It is so quiet in the world of blogs and blogging lately.  Seriously, my reader is humming Silent Night every time I open it.  Nobody has a thing to say and those who do are too busy to say it. Here, too. Between work and running around, preparing for the holiday and shopping for the gifts and

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December 12, 2011 By In Babble 2 Comments

Because testing stuff is fun and I have nothing else to say! (Which is not really true. I came here to do a real post and got distracted by some updates)

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Well, it’s December. Nablopomo is over.  I fail at writing every day. I did, however, write 17 posts which is way better than the 12 I wrote the rest of the year. This?  Is not my year for blogging, apparently. That’s okay, though. It’s been a busy year for life. I’ve been blogging since September

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No no nablopomo

November 23, 2011 By In Babble 2 Comments

How could I ever have succeeded with something that starts with naaaaaa, you can’t do it? Oh well. I wrote a little and I changed my theme and I got three different people wanting to advertise with me, all of whom I said hells no to because I just don’t want a blog full of ad banners

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Kitty Hugs!

November 17, 2011 By In Love No Comment

So sweet I cannot stand it. I know this doesn’t count as a real post but, dude, I’m cooking breaded pork chops and can’t be arsed to, like WRITE something, ffs. [vsw id="GzgpeLFf4z4" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]  

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