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The California Exotics Couture line came out about a year ago; their first endeavor into a higher quality, silicone line of toys.  The price of them is comparable to other silicone products, the quality a bit lower than Fun Factory but far above their normal jelly, elastomer and rubber toys.

The silicones are pure, 100%.  I’ve tested them by fire.  (Silicone doesn’t melt at temperatures under something like 600 degrees so a match held to it will create a sooty area that can be wiped off but will not melt or damage the toy permanently)  They tend to be matte, with a good amount of drag and a velvety feel against the skin.  They also tend to be extremely plush and squeezable.

They started out with some full sized vibrators; rabbits and traditional vibes that measured around ten inches, most with a one and a half inch diameter.  They’ve since branched out into the Petite Couture line, which is also standard and rabbit style vibes that are a bit shorter and thinner; six or seven inches in length with a more slender one and a quarter inch diameter.  They’ve also created a non vibrating, double ended dildo and some dildo/harness sets — though I feel these pieces are not up to the quality standards of the vibrating Couture pieces.

The Couture Masseur is pretty much on par with all the other vibrating Couture pieces.  It’s a good, solid vibrator with seven variations in vibration; low, medium and high straight vibrations as well as four patterns of pulsation and escalation.

The Masseur is created to be a clit stimulator or body massager rather than an insertable vibe.  It’s ergonomically shaped, rather like a computer mouse, to fit in your hand and cup your vulva.  It’s petite but not tiny, measuring in at five inches long, one and a half inch wide.  (For those of you who know toys, it’s just a bit larger than the Laya Spot and not as curved)  The vibrations are focused in one end, where underneath it bulges a bit.

Vibrations are strong but surface and a rather high frequency, rather like those of a bullet vibrator.  I would say, on a scale of one to five, vibrations are around a 4 but how you feel those vibrations will depend upon what sort of pitch you like.  I prefer deeper vibrations, lower vibrations so while this feels strong to me in my hand, it’s the wrong kind of vibration once it’s in use.  Those who like bullets will probably love the vibrations of the Masseur.

The toy itself is plastic with a silicone underbody.  The upper area is a mix of black and chrome colored plastic, designed to mimic the look of a stainless steel toy.  Underneath is matte, velvety silicone that gives just the right amount of drag against the skin.  The silicone is over plastic so it’s firm, with no give or bend to the toy at all, excellent for applying a bit of pressure or for rubbing against your clit and labia.

Vibrations are controlled via buttons in the top of the toy; a dedicated on/off button that is designed to look exactly like the off button on a computer and a button with a wave designed that scrolls thru the vibrations.  A press to the on/off button turns the toy on, a red backlight indicating it is, indeed, powered up.  Presses to the vibration button scroll you thru the levels; one press for low, two for medium, etc until you are at the last level of pulsation, which is the seventh press.  The eighth press takes you back to low.  A single press to the on/off button turns the toy off no matter what level or pattern you were on, shutting off the backlight.

The buttons are easy to press and situated in a place where you can easily reach them, even without looking, while in use but are not in the way or easily bumped — which means, thankfully, there are no abrupt changes in vibration to ruin things for you.  I can’t count the times, with other toys, that I’ve bumped a button at the absolute wrong moment and ruined the orgasm I’d spent all that time working up to.

The Masseur does have a seam running it’s horizontal length but it is not noticeable in use.  The battery compartment is on the bottom end and is easily opened via a small tab.  The Masseur runs on two AAA batteries, the battery compartment is sealed with a thick rubber gasket.

It is a waterproof toy in that it is easy to clean under running water — or even take in the shower — but due to the seams and the design of the battery compartment, I wouldn’t necessarily submerge it.

Clean up with soap and water, a toy cleaner spray, wipes or even a mild bleach solution (10% bleach to 90% water).  Use a little extra care at the seam area as it can collect goo if you get the toy very full of lube or body fluids.

Use only water based lube with the Masseur.  Silicone lube can have reactions with silicone sex toys.

Overall, the Masseur is a really good clit stimulator.  As mentioned, the vibrations were the wrong frequency for me to get off but it feels really good.  It also makes a great shoulder massager, fitting right in the palm of my hand and allowing me to ease tension in that spot right where shoulders meet neck.

Mad thanks to Adam & Eve for letting me have this to review.  It might not get me over the edge but it’s a great toy for starting out and, due to it’s size, fits between two bodies quite well if you want to add a bit of buzz to partner sex.

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  1. Great review. I actually just received this as well, and aside from the packaging, I’m in love with it. (I have a big complaint with how they packaged up their Couture line – just because the packages are about as un-couture as possible, but the products of the line are pretty nice.)
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