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I love Jimmyjane.  I really do.  From their candles and massage stones to the Form 6 and Little Chroma, I’ve delighted in reviewing everything I’ve tried from this amazing luxury toy company.

Right up until I got the Form 3.

Don’t get me wrong.  It all ends well and it turns out that I like it.  I like it rather a LOT, actually. But, man, did it take me awhile to get there.

The Form 3 definitely has a learning curve and until you figure out how it works best for you it may seem like it doesn’t work at all.

This addition to the Form line, like the rest, is rechargeable and made from 100% silicone.  It has a discreet, white charging base with metal tabs in the bottom that connect to a metal disc on the bottom of the toy. This recharges the Form 3 without wires, without a charging port in the toy, magnetically, meaning it’s fully waterproof and submersible with no way for ater to get inside.   Allowing it to sit in the charger at all times is recommended  - it cannot be overchaarged — but you can, if that’s not convenient for you, charge it only as it begins to lose charge.  A full charge lasts a few hours and it recharges quickly if you do it after each use, a bit more slowly if you allow it to completely drain before recharging.

The Form 3 is small, palm sized, shaped like a pop art tongue or something.  It starts out, at the base, at a 1.75″ diameter that is easy to hold on to and contains your plus, minus and function buttons.  The tip, however, tapers to a slim, flat tongue like shape that is little more than a silicone membrane between the rounded, soft edges.  The total length of the toy is around 4 inches so it’s easy for even small hands to hold onto.

It is pliable, flexible and bendable at the tip, stiff thru the body.  Vibrations travel from the motor in the body thru the tip.  Vibrations are controlled via the plus and minus button.  Press the plus button and it will turn on at whatever level you last used.  Repeated presses increase vibrational intensity, presses to the minus button decrease intensity.

Presses to the function button take you from steady vibrations to patterns.  Patterns are kind of amazing.  There is a repeating escalating pattern, a faster repeating escalation, a pulsing pattern, and anarchy mode – which cycles you thru them all. (Basically, you press + – + – + – very rapidly (like a cheat code on a video game!) and you enter anarchy mode.)

Pressing and holding the minus button rapidly shuts the Form 3 off.

The thin, tongue-like membrane at the top of the Form 3 is designed to allow you to press a finger against your body thru it, transferring vibrations from the toy, thru your finger, to you clit.  (Or whatever area you want to stimulate)

For me?  This was ridiculously full of fail.  It just did not fucking work.  It was awkward. The vibrations were wimpy.  It felt stupid.  I struggled and struggled and just could not make it seem intuitive or friendly.  You have to press fairly hard – okay, REALLY hard – to get the membrane to flex and that was a lot of hand/finger effort going on that was taking my focus away from my clit.

It made me mad.

I threw the Form 3 in a box and cursed.  I thought it was the worst, most stupid toy ever.  I was pissed off that I spent money on it.

And then I tried it again. And again.  And again.

And each time I realized a couple of things.

1. The vibes are quite strong when you’re not trying to make them go thru your damned finger.

2. You can use the base to apply broad stimulation across your mons and clitoral area.

3. The patterns are, like those of the Form 2 and 6, amazing.

4. If you stop trying to press your finger thru the thin, silicone membrane, you can focus on other ways to make this baby feel good.

5. Oh, man.  Oh, oh man!  It felt good!

For me it feels best used with a good sized dollop of water based lube. (No silicone, it can mar the finish)  I lube up my clit, not the toy, then use the tongue like toy to LAP at my pussy.  It cups my clit, it strokes my labia, it licks and laps and, holy shit, feels good.  You can turn it sideways and apply pin point pressure, vertically, to the top of your clit.  You can lap at your clit from the top or, turn it around, and lap at it from below.  You can lick at your nipples with this.  You can cup his balls with it.

Once you stop trying to shove your finger against that stupid membrane you can do anything you want with this thing.  And, oh, lord, does it feel good.

The key, for me, is really in the lube.  This makes it slip and slide and feel better.  Without a bunch of lube there is just a bit too much drag for it to be effective but, with lube?  Heaven.

The vibrations are fairly deep, fairly penetrating, even though they’re coming thru a thin bit of silicone.  They’re strong, they last a long time and, man, man, man, they feel good.

It took me way too long to figure this out but I actually, at this point, prefer the Form 3 to both the Form 2 and the Form 6.  It’s amazing.

Clean up with soap and water or a mild bleach solution and store somewhere that it won’t get full of lint and pet hair, unless you’re storing it on the charger.

Lights will flash to indicate how charged it is when you turn it on and the instruction manual explains this very well.

My only issue with this is that I have a hard time keeping it balanced in the charger.  It gets bumped and the connection is lost, meaning it’s not charging.  I just keep a close eye on it and store it in a drawer so it’s not constantly getting bumped and messing up the battery.

Despite that issue, the Form 3 is firmly seated in a spot in my top five sex toys for the moment and, once you figure out what feels good to you, really is quite amazing and innovative.

Explore. Play. Figure it out. You won’t be sorry.

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