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I really hate having to do negative reviews.  I do.  It makes me feel bad.

Unfortunately, with this product, I just don’t have a choice.

The i Tap Egg is a fabulous idea; an egg type vibrator with no wires, no visible controls, that turns on and off and switches functions and vibratory levels with a tap to it’s top.

The reality, however, doesn’t live up to the innovative idea.  The reality is glitchy and aggravating.

The i Tap egg is 3 x 1.5 inch egg shaped, hard plastic vibrator.  It runs on two AAA batteries and is fairly strong if a bit loud.  It has five functions of vibration including a few patterns and escalations.  It’s completely smooth with only the seam in the center to mar it’s surface.  It twists apart to insert the batteries and twists back together securely.  It has no controls, no buttons, no wires, no plugs, no dials or switches.  A simple tap to it’s top controls everything.

Sort of.  Perhaps I got a faulty one but mine occasionally won’t turn on at all.  It occasionally turns on the minute batteries are inserted and it’s closed but won’t change levels or turn off unless I remove the batteries.  It occasionally works sort of properly only tapping the top is inconsistent and you never really know which level or pattern you’ll get.  When it does work exactly right, I end up tapping the top as I’m using it and having to tap and tap and tap to get it back to where I want it.

It’s just…  full of glitches.

I love the idea but I’m thinking it needs some work.

I do want to thank vibrator.com for letting me try this innovative sex toy in exchange for my review.  Even though it didn’t work for me and I can’t really recommend it, they have a whole lot of other bullets and eggs that are sure to perform better!

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