Lies, Deceptions and the Perceptive Person

“False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil” ~Plato

Well ain’t that the truth.

I got lied to the other day. Those who know me know that lying is one of very few things I actually HATE; one of very few things that will infect my soul with evil; one of very few things I have dificulty forgiving and one of very few things I’ll probably never forget even if I do forgive it.

It wasn’t a big lie. A small one, really. But it was hurtful and utterly unnecessary and, while on the surface I’ve gotten over it, I’ll most likely be stewing over it inside for a good long while. I can’t help it. It effects my trust in the people who lied to me and hid things from me. Everything they do and say for awhile will be subject to a lack of trust and some anger from me.

I think what pisses me off and bothers me the most is -

I’m not stupid. In fact, I’m far more perceptive and intelligent than most people give me credit for. And attempting to lie to me or hide things from me makes me feel as if you think I am – stupid, that is. But what really happens is you end up looking the stupid one for thnking you could fool me.

It might happen. If I don’t care much or don’t know you that well or don’t chose to make an issue of it.

But Taylor can testify – if I’m being lied to, I generally know it. It’s a gut feeling. But beyond that I will take the gut feeling and gather the facts that surround it until I have enough to throw them in your face.

I may not throw them at you. I may silently hate you for awhile. But I always know. And you’re always the bigger fool for misjudging me.

I’d make a good witch.

Which is probably why Taylor will let me study but not practise. :)

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