disappointedvirginity_09…of laundry.

That’s what I did today.

Mountains of it.  Some of it even still smelled like campfire.

I was just a wee bit behind on household chores.


The resulting clean house, however, makes it worth both the incessant loading, unloading, folding, hanging, loading, unloading, folding, hanging, etc, etc and the ballooned up lip I got yesterday.

No, Taylor didn’t smack me, amd isn’t that a shame?  Instead, while dusting and vacuuming, I must have gotten dog hair/dander/ick in a chapped/open area on my lip and it blew up in a hive the size of a marble.  It was lovely.

But, anyhow…

The house is mostly clean.  Yay me.

Ain’t life exciting?  And I have like a gazillion reviews to catch up on plus I have to work for a few hours tomorrow.

I tell ya, it’s never ending.

And I want to murder Taylor because while I feel like I”m running around, non stop working and doing stuff to keep the house up, he’s…

Let’s just say not helping any.

This going from a house mouse, full time nothing to do but what he wants type submissive to a working girl…

It’s harder than I thought it would be.

Ah well.  It’ll get easier.  Eventually.  Or I’ll adjust.  Or whatever.

In the meantime…  I’m damned sorry I’m so boring to read these days.  Imagine living with me! :0

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  1. Hey! Your sidebar says “No apologies” so you better stick to that! You’re quite interesting even when you might not feel like you have an intensely gripping story to tell. Life has many facets, and I’m sure your readers like seeing some facets that are more run of the mill, something to which they can relate.

    That picture of the soaped-up girl is fucking hot.
    .-= Rockin’ With a Cock in´s last blog ..I wanna do real bad things to you =-.

  2. brooke says:

    I love your ‘voice’, even when you are talking about laundry. You could make watching paint dry interesting I bet.

    Enough gushing. Hope your lip is better!

    .-= brooke´s last blog ..The Corner =-.

  3. Nilla says:

    Oh, I so hear you …we got back from camping (6 people, 4 of them kids X 5 days w/o a washer…you do the math!) laundry out the wazoo!

    And I was so complaining in my head about doing so much stuff while camping, being the on call to do person all the time is so much work when you’re camping, yanno? But my spouse did take nearly all the wash to the laundromat to wash because it would’ve taken me days to get through it all…that was sweeter than sweet (she’s vanilla, doesn’t know I’m not, inside,) plus, I think she wanted a few hours away from us all !!

    I LOVE your posts, so keep on writing, Carrie, we love readin’ ya!
    .-= Nilla´s last blog ..on de-lurking =-.

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