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Would it be ridiculous to simply type “Oh. My. Gods.” over and over as a review?  Probably.  And yet, when I look at the Intrigue – the P-spot and handle on Eden Fantasys — it’s about all I can think.  Just looking at it takes away most of my powers of speech, completely vanishes any eloquence I may be capable of in describing it.

The basics are easy; it’s a solid wooden dildo coated and protected with Nobessence’s famous Lubrosity finish.

NobEssence’s trade secret Lubrosity™ coatings and processes stem from years of meticulous research and development and meet USP Class IV and VI Medical Standards. Sculptures attentively encapsulated in Lubrosity™ coatings are odorless, may be soaked in water, and remain in body-contact for hours at a time – no waxes to melt away, no salad bowl oils to leach out or maintain, and no toxic petroleum distillates.

The Intrigue is nearly ten inches long, tip to tip and has a girth, at it’s widest spot, of nearly two inches.  It’s curved, sculpted to be multi-purpose, with a thick, bulbous end to be exquisitely filling and a thinner, shaped end to provide g or p-spot pleasure.

You can, according to the Nobessence site, use any lube known to man on their products and they can be simply washed with soap and water or wiped down with an anti bacterial cleaner such as bleach or alcohol.  The wood is sturdy, as sturdy as any wood, but should you drop it and notice a crack, you should replace it, since the finish may be compromised and bacteria can be harbored in the wood under the crack in the finish.  I store mine uncovered, in a drawer where it’s not going to get knocked around a lot.  If you intend to store it with other toys, especially other unyielding ones, I would suggest a padded bag of sorts.  These are ideal.

Every Nobessence toy is made from real wood with real, natural wood graining, making each piece unique and slightly different than even another of the same shape.  The Intrigue I have is beautiful – I believe it’s the laurel wood version – and has an eyecatching blend of light and dark shades to it.  It is absolutely the most intriguing toy I’ve laid my eyes on, making the name most fitting.

Those are the basics, the mostly objective info that I try to cover in every review.  And this?  Is where this review gets difficult.  Beyond the basics is where I begin to mentally stutter, where I begin to be unable to find words to describe just how incredible this gorgeous piece of wood is.

The day I received it I tried it.  The smoothness, the curves, the firmness under my fingers as I explored it compelled me to try it within minutes.  After trying as many toys as I have, that doesn’t happen often.

The curved, sculpted, s-shaped end is eerily similar to the Romp – only longer and meant to be maneuvered around rather than sit still as a plug.  It has a blunt tip that curves to a bulging shaft and both areas provide unbelievable sensation.  You can fully insert this smaller end of the toy either anally or vaginally – the larger end keeps it safe for anal use.  But my joy with the Intrigue comes from vaginal use.  The tip, inserted partially, using the thicker end as a handle, provided the most intense g-spot stimulation I’ve ever felt.  Ever.

I did not even have to move the toy; I inserted, the tip narrowed in on my g-spot, I held it there, applying only a slight pressure, and I squirted within two minutes.  Not the dribble I normally produce, not the small puddle that normally shows up after sex but a freaking gushing mess of ejaculate that took two days to dry.

I was stunned.  And then I was so excited I tweeted about it for an hour.  And then I did it again.  And again.  Only every time since then, I have been bright enough to grab a towel!

So the Intrigue is my squirting machine, my go to toy if I want to have a crazy, messy, purely g-spot squirting orgasm.  But it’s also so much more.  So. Much. More.

The small end has more than just that honing device of a tip; it has the curve, the bulge, that when inserted fully, also presses on the g-spot while the tip focuses more intently on the cervix, nestling sort of under it in the same way the Jollie and Jollet do.  Light thrusting, rocking, wiggling it feels intense and amazing, especially when paired with clitoral stimulation.  The thicker end, the opposite end, makes a fantastic handle, filling the hand and making it super easy to apply pressure by tilting it up or down or to thrust comfortably.

And yet I have a hard time thinking of the thicker end as a handle, no matter how well it works as one, because it does such fantastic things when inserted.

It took me awhile to turn the Intrigue around and move my focus from the s-shaped side to the bulbous, larger side, but when I did I nearly cried.  The torment of deciding how to use the Intrigue multiplied exponentially.

You see, the thicker end?  While it is certainly not for beginners with its more than 6 inch circumference, is the smoothest, most filling, superbly shaped toy I have ever felt.  If you can manage it, it will convert you to it’s religion.

It fills, stretches, presses in all the right spots and, best of all, works almost as a vaginal plug — which is what I have found I like absolutely best about the Intrigue.  You can thrust with this end.  The smaller end works nicely as a handle, fitting in the hand easily, the s-shape working almost like grips made just for the hand to wrap around.  But once it’s in and situated  in a way that makes it feel like your vagina is hugging the toy?  You may not want to.  I don’t.

Upon insertion, the bulbous end of the Intrigue fills you perfectly and, for me at least, does not move.

I can insert it, revel in the sensation of my vagina wrapped around it, clenching and releasing, gripping it, while my hands are free to do whatever it is they wish to do.  I can stimulate my clit with one hand, my breasts with another, and the Intrigue stays put, firmly and fully nestled inside me until I remove it.  I have had some of the best blended orgasms of my life with the Intrigue.

And so, you see, the Intrigue is a dream, a wonder, a miracle amongst sex toys — and I haven’t even explained how it feels anally.  Those of you with a p-spot or who can get g-spot stimulation thru the vaginal wall with anal play?  Will be in love.  I cannot explain with words the wonder of this toy.  I can only say that once it is in your hands…  you will know.

Mad, mad, ever lasting thanks to Red for swapping me this toy.  She got robbed, no matter how much great stuff I sent her in return for it and I feel fairly guilty.  The Intrigue is in my top five list and I would even say it shares the very top spot with Benjamin Bond and the Njoy Eleven.  Should a sex toy maniac sneak in to rob me of my toys, those are the three I would fight for.

I may build a shrine…

product picture
Prostate massager by Nob essence
Material: Wood

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