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Looking for a smallish, discreet, easily tucked away vibe with enough power to knock your socks off?

This is it.  The Onye Fleur.  A four and a half inch powerhouse of a vibe.  The first time I put the batteries in and turned it on, I dropped it.  Seriously!  It buzzed so hard in my hand, on low, that I dropped it.  On high it’s enough to make my fingers tingle and feel numb.  It is curiously and exceptionally strong for such a wee thing.

Let’s talk about the technical stuff:

The Onye Fleur is a hard plastic vibrator, completely smooth and without texture other than the decorative (and useful for gripping!) band around it’s upper area.  Decorations are floral, hence the name, I’d assume.

I chose the red one but it comes in both red and purple.  The red is a true, deep red that appears quite shiny and luxurious rather than cheap and plasticy.  The two silver colored bands around the fleur design add to the luxury look of the toy.

Because it’s hard plastic it’s non porous and can be wiped down with bleach or alcohol to sanitize or simply use a toy wipe, spray toy cleaner or warm, soapy cloth.  The Onye Fleur is not waterproof so if you use running water and soap, use care.  It does have an o ring to seal off the battery compartment but it may still leak.  If it does, leave it open without batteries in the compartment to dry.

Use any lube you like if you feel you need lube but this is really a clitoral vibe rather than an insertable so you may find lube isn’t needed.

The Fleur is run by 3 AAA batteries, inserted in the screw off battery compartment.  Controls are a push button in the end above the fleur patterned band; a single press for on/low, a second press for medium, a third for high, the fourth press turns it off.

And now the good stuff:

This is seriously the strongest vibe I own.  I do not have a hitachi but I do have a plug in massager and, while I don’t use it as a sex toy,  this thing is stronger than it is.  It’s insane.  It’s actually too strong for me on any setting other than low.  The vibrations feel both rumbly and buzzy at the same time.  They’re definitely very at the surface, though.  If I’m in the mood for a quickie, this is what I pull out.  It gets me off in under three minutes.

Yes, seriously.

Want one?  Head on over to Babeland.  They have both the red and the purple and the price is right.  I got this one for free in exchange for an honest review but at $35 for all this power, I’d buy another one if mine stopped working.

A word of warning, however.  This thing, while amazingly strong, is not discreet when it comes to sound.  You could easily tuck it in your purse or pocket and take it anywhere with you and it doesn’t really look overly “sextoy“-ish but if you try to use it on the sly…

The noise is going to give you away.  On top of being the strongest vibe I own, it’s also pretty much the loudest!  It buzzes quite noisily and is obviously a vibrator.  It can be heard thru covers and a closed door so be sure you have some privacy if you need to not be heard!

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  1. Do you happen to own the previous Onye? I’m wondering if they changed anything other than the colors and the pretty band.
    .-= DangerousLilly´s last blog ..Regaining My Femme =-.

    • I don’t though I wish I did. I’ve wanted the white and pink one for an eternity. :(

      I think, however, the only changes are the band and the packaging. Instead of the pretty box it comes in a plastic clamshell type thing — which I’m sure is why it’s also less expensive.

      The rest seems the same in comparison to reviews of the old ones, though.

  2. Damn, I was hoping these fleurs would be quieter than my Tuyo but doesn’t seem like it
    .-= Adriana´s last blog ..EdenFantasys Affiliate Program =-.


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