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Ah, the Pure Plug.  It’s what I think of as Njoy’s signature piece.  I love my Pure Wand and I lust for an Eleven but when I think Njoy, I think Pure Plug.  Hell, when I think anal plug, I think Pure Plug.

The Pure Plug comes in three sizes — four if you count the Pure Plug 2.0 — small, medium and large. The small measures 3.25 inches long, 1 inch in diameter.  Just a little anal tickle, excellent for distinguishing beginners.  The medium is the same length but the diameter goes up to 1.25 inches.  The large comes in at about 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter.  And the 2.0.  Well.  It’s a whopping 4.75 inches long with a 1.75 inch diameter.  I am drooling over the 2.0 and, truly, wishing I’d gotten it.

What I did get was the Pure Plug large.  And don’t let my drooling fool you, I’m not unhappy with it.  On the contrary, I love it.  But I do occasionally wish it were just a bit more…

See? This is why I need many toys and why the 2.0 is on my wishlist.  Then I can have either instead of doing the grass is greener thing. Right?  (Just say yes or I’ll feel greedy)

Ok. So.  I got the Pure Plug large.  And it is nice.  Really nice.  Hard, solid stainless steel.  Amazingly ergonomic and easy to insert.  It stays in place for me well, though better “upside down” than the right way.  (With the curve facing my back rather than in toward my g-spot)  It feels great either way.

I can wear it for hours.  Hours and hours to get ready for anal sex.  It’s easy to slip it out and add a dollop more lube if you need it.  And lube? Any kind.  I like silicone but only use a wee, teeny, little bit or it’ll slide right out on you.  It also stays in very well for me during intercourse which makes it stimulating for both of us; the largest part of it sits down low and is felt by him almost immediately upon entering my vagina, thru the vaginal wall.

And?  You can sterilize the Pure Plug.  Boil, bleach, dishwash or plain old soap and water it.  It does not hold onto goop, goo and lube cuz the surface is so slick things wipe right off.

And the surface.  Oh gods. Shiny.  Industrial looking.  So cool to the touch and so hot, hot hot when you take it out.  And the packaging.  Luxurious and elegant, especially when you consider it’s to hold a thing that’s going in your rump.

The Pure Plug.  It is love.  It is. Truly.

Though I also like the Pfun Plug a lot.  And then, you know, there are my dreams of the 2.0.

I’m simply obsessed with Njoy.  I will not lie.

Video for you below!

As always, my deepest thanks to Eden Fantasys for letting me review this.  If the FTC is watching my ass, they should know it was indeed a free product but my review is honest and not affected by how much or little the sex toy cost me. :)

product picture
Butt plug by Njoy
Material: Stainless steel


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  1. I love the Large too, and I wish nJoy did a size between Large and Pure 2.0/Extra Large because it is quite a step up.

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