putt putt take two

Camping 111 copy2Camping was an absolute blast.

It ended up being just Taylor and I since our friends, one by one, dropped out.  (Not cuz we smell bad or anything.  Just a lot of sickness and emergency work calls and whatnot)  But it was good.

We headed out on the bike around nine in the morning and were there with camp set up before noon.  The weather was a little crappy; cold and occasionally drizzly.  We worked around that, too, though.  We bought a TON of wood and started a humongous fire and had coffee and ate food and just…  chilled.  Talked and snuggled and went for a walk around the campground and the lake.  Ended up having a few coronas and some amazingly hot sex in the tent.

Camping 014What was really cool was the way our site was set up.  Our tent faced the woods and there was no one to the left of us and the folks to the right of us couldn’t see the tent area of our site…   So we went to bed, left the screen open in the vestibule room thingy (it’s a three room tent) and the “door” to our room open and fucked while watching the fire.  It was hot.  I SO wanted to turn a lantern on so anyone walking buy would see the silhouette of us having crazy hot sex but I refrained cuz there were a LOT of kids in the campground.

The bad part?  I squirted all over our sleeping bags.

Thank god it wasn’t a huge puddle.

Camping 082bNext morning we got up fairly early — like seven! — broke camp, packed up our stuff, had some coffee and brekkie and headed off to canoe for a bit.  I was bummed that they didn’t have kayaks but we made do.  The lake was amazing.  Crystal clear water, millions of lily pads and lillies, and turtles galore!  Even a crane.

It was totally relaxing and fun and we had some of the most amusing conversations that I would relay to you but you weren’t there so it would just sound dumb.

I mean, “Stop rowing me into death!” just isn’t funny if you weren’t there.

After we canoed the whole lake and shot over a hundred pics, we headed in but weren’t ready to head home.  So we shopped a bit at an “Old General Store” and ate some fudge and played a round of mini golf.  Taylor won but not really cuz there was this one hole he got a 12 on but he redid it cuz he said he was just messing around…

The ride home was pretty uneventful.  Sunny, quiet, peaceful, a bit depressing cuz neither of us really wanted to be going home yet.

Since we’ve been back it’s been same old, same old.

Had the plumber out again due to bathtub leaking.  Had some ass rape.  Worked a lot.

And now?  Now I’m sitting in bed with the laptoppy propped on the Liberator Ramp as a desk, babbling at y’all.  Going to be asleep very shortly, I think.

I’m wiped out.

Must be all the work.  Or the ass rape.

Sorry.  No pictures of that. :P

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