Saturday Morning Lists

It’s been a stressful, busy couple of weeks for me.  Sleep has been minimal, cleaning has been non existent, relaxation infrequent.  So last night?  I had beers. And steak.  And a bath. And I slept like the dead for twelve straight hours.

This morning?  I’m enjoying my coffee, chillin’ until the house is completely empty and then I shall do some cleaning and laundry in the peace and quiet without having to trip over anyone.

I intended to sit here and write a good, long blog post but…  meh…  my brain isn’t working all that well yet.  So I’ll resort to a list.  Lists?  Are my friend.

Things I love:

  • Sleep
  • Coffee
  • Massage Oil
  • The Jimmyjane Contour stones. Oh my!
  • Steak
  • Taylor
  • my friends
  • That Teen in my kitchen doing the dishes whilst singing along with his headphones
  • having my hair played with
  • forehead kisses
  • loyalty
  • my iPhone
  • the smell of mcdonalds in the morning
  • clear skin
  • the feel of lazing around in mussy sheets in the morning with a breeze blowing my curtains
  • camping (two weeks!  in two weeks I shall be around a fire, spending my days on the back of the bike or in a canoe, my nights laughing around that fire with the most excellent of friends)
  • line dried sheets
  • cheap, frozen chicken chimichangas – though I don’t eat them frozen, of course!
  • moving

Things I hate:

  • being used
  • false friends
  • people who criticize behind my back instead of to my face
  • margarine
  • expired half and half
  • dark circles under my eyes
  • tweezing my eyebrows
  • humidity
  • allergies
  • cheap coffee
  • dog hair in piles on my kitchen floor – I could make a new dog with the hair my rottie has shedded this week alone
  • doing laundry
  • drugs – even the ones I have to take
  • moving

And that?  Is all I have for today.  That Teen is done with his chores and taking a shower, which means he’ll be gone for the day soon. Taylor is already at the shop, working on a friend’s car. (Hi Dave!)

And I?  I will soon have the house to myself which means peace and quiet and no one else’s energy to invade my senses and, even though I shall be cleaning, I plan to enjoy it.


3 Responses so far.

  1. Victoria says:

    Hugs to you, naked Carrie!

  2. Sintimate says:

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  3. Jade says:

    I could make a whole other dog with the doghair my mutt sheds as well. Which is oh-so-good for my allergies!

    And yes, moving sucks and is cool at the same time!
    .-= Jade´s last blog ..Please, Sir Virtual Book Tour =-.

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