You know what?

I am tired, tired up to my fucking eyebrows, of people who do not know how to apologize.

When you have done something that insults someone, hurts someone, angers someone, bothers someone, when you have fucked up and been called on it and you need to apologize, you fucking apologize.

You do not try to re-explain yourself. You do not hand out a bunch of excuses as to why you fucked up.  You do not try to change the person’s mind and get them to realize they’re wrong and you didn’t mean to do whatever it is you did.

You buck up.  You own your fucking mistake.  You apologize. And you shut the fuck up.

Do parent’s not teach this to their kids anymore?  Do people really care that much more about themselves, care so little for the feelings they may hurt, the distress they may cause, the insult they may have issued?  Is it really all about “me, me, me” for so many people?

It is not an apology if you spend 2 hours or 10 paragraphs explaining yourself and trying to make people see what you “really” meant or how you’re actually right or didn’t “intend” to be hateful.  It’s an explanation – and it renders the tacked on apology fucking useless and void.

It leaves the person you’re supposedly apologizing to feel even more slighted.

It sucks.  And so do you.

Own it.  Apologize for it. And shut the fuck up.

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  1. Jz says:

    I totally agree.
    And for that, I am not sorry.

  2. I saw a church sign I actually liked for a change: “The fastest way to win an argument is to apologize.”

  3. Ugh, I can’t stand fauxpologies like that. Whenever I read “I’m sorry, but” all I can think is “No, you aren’t sorry AT ALL, you’re just wanting to say something mean without consequence.” That and the “Just sayin'” thing. That’s such a covering-my-ass move, except it really doesn’t cover anything.

  4. Oh, HIM says:

    Oh! You wrote a post for yourself. how progressive!

  5. Emily says:

    Omg. This. Is. So. True. I’m having this exact problem with my boyfriend at the moment and it’s fucking pissing me right off. I think I’m going to read this to him. Thanks so much for this, you put my thoughts into words.

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