A Letter to No One

Times of extreme selfishness generally tend to cause extreme misery.

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Milk and Honey

November 14, 2011 By In Babble No Comment

I didn’t have a cup of coffee, at all, from around 9 am Friday until like 4 pm Sunday. Even since then I’ve only had a couple cups. Black tea with milk and honey is going down a lot better and eases my sore throat at the same time…

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Dying of Death

…and Nyquil commercials lie. That is all I have today. So. fucking. sick.  

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…that I notice while sipping tea.

In no specific order of importance.

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November 7, 2011 By In Life No Comment

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting some sort of tablet device.  My laptop is amazing but it’s freaking huge and it weighs a ton and it’s not very comfy for using in bed or curled up in a chair or… well, for anything portable at all.  My dream, of course, is an iPad

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Sunday. Wasted?

Sometimes a wasted day is the best sort of day.

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The End of the Road…

Had to park the bikes today. The weather is getting too iffy, the chances of snow growing more likely every day, and they had to be safe and snuggled in for the winter

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