Lelo Ella and Soju Sugar Comparison Review

May 19, 2012 By In Reviews No Comment

Ella | Sugar Drop | EdenFantasys | Sex Toys

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LELO Alia Vibrator

May 12, 2012 By In Reviews No Comment

LELO Alia Vibrator | EdenFantasys | Sextoys

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Lelo Accessories

November 27, 2010 By In Reviews No Comment

LELO Accessories General Info Do I need to repeat the fact that I have a LELO addiction?  I didn’t think so. The LELO accessories are, admittedly, not exactly our “style” when it comes to BDSM gear.  We play hard and fast and most of this stuff would get broken within an hour if we were

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LELO Flickering Touch

November 17, 2010 By In Reviews 1 Comment

Watch out, Jimmyjane, there’s a new candle in the neighborhood and it’s giving you a run for your money! I just reviewed the LELO flickering touch candle for Eden Fantasys, the review should go live tomorrow and I”ll link to it but I wanted to share some pictures and my overall impression here. In a

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LELO Billy

October 24, 2010 By In Reviews No Comment

I don’t have a prostate and my guy isn’t fond of anal insertion so I waited a long time to get the Billy.  After all, it’s pretty much the Liv with a small flare to make it anal safe and I already have a both a Liv and a Bob, which is the non vibrating anal toy

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LELO Love Rings

September 16, 2010 By In Reviews No Comment

So, I’m reviewing the LELO Bo and Tor cock rings in a sort of side by side comparison.  Cool, right?  Except for two things: I generally have no use for cock rings I am addicted to LELO You can see why reviewing these makes me feel conflicted.  Not so much reviewing them but that I

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Lelo Siri

August 13, 2010 By In Reviews 14 Comments

What?  You’re somehow surprised I ordered a Siri as soon as they came out?  Pffft.  Of course I did.  I haz Lelo addiction and there is no 12 step program for it! The Siri is Lelo’s newest clitoral stimulator, said to be their strongest and quietest yet. Is it? Yes, I do believe it is.

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May 17, 2010 By In Reviews 3 Comments

Ahh. Lily. How long I have longed for you.  You of the small, curvy body and velvety skin.  At last,  you are mine…. Oh.  Hi! Sorry. I was waxing romantic there.  Or stalkerish.  Or something.  I guess it makes the point, though, that I’ve wanted the Lelo Lily for a very long time. You see,

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May 8, 2010 By In Reviews 18 Comments

I am an admitted Lelo fanatic.  I don’t necessarily love each of their pleasure objects equally, they’re not even necessarily my favorite sex toys when you break it down to specifics, but they are, without a doubt, one of my favorite companies in general.  With Lelo, you can always count on a couple of things;

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January 26, 2010 By In Reviews 17 Comments

It took two tries but, in the end, Ella won my love…

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So beautiful, so orange, so Ina

January 7, 2010 By In Reviews 4 Comments

The new Ina from LELO.  Full review to come at a later date but, for now, here’s the video. :)

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Gaga over Gigi

August 24, 2009 By In Reviews 11 Comments

Last month I was the incredibly lucky winner of  toywithme’s Gigi giveaway.  And not just any Gigi but the new, gorgeous blue Gigi.  Can you say squee?  I can.  I did.  And then again when it came in the mail.  I sqeeeed so loud I think I hurt myself. The Gigi is truly a beautiful

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I’ve Dreamed of you, Elise

August 23, 2009 By In Reviews 4 Comments

For a long time I looked at all the LELO toys and drooled.  I got a Liv and it was lust at first sight.  I won a Nea and fell in love.  But that love was slightly fickle as my heart, despite being full of love for Nea, craved Elise.  Elise with her dual motors,

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Devine Carry On

August 9, 2009 By In Reviews 14 Comments

All of a sudden I have this fetish for toy bags.  Just looking at my stack of pretty, pink bags, all full of dildos and vibes and other pleasurable items, gets me twitterpated.  Mostly because I know what’s in them, can imagine this piece and that piece and how it makes me feel.  Partly, though,

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All that and a bag of chips? Not so much.

August 1, 2009 By In Reviews 14 Comments

So… The Ella. It’s been hyped half to death and my expectations were thru the roof. Turns out the Ella is really just another silicone dildo. A very nice one, sure.  And, sure, it has a great design that finds the g-spot effortlessly.  It’s beautiful and elegant and packaged perfectly, like all LELO toys. But

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I’m a wiener!

July 10, 2009 By In Babble 16 Comments

So I woke up this morning and made coffee.  Got settled at my desk to work and let the craziness commence. (Things have been mad busy with a couple new projects for EF and SexIs)  I peeked at my Twitter and see an announcement from toywithme about the most recent contest (on her extremely beautiful,

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Nea, my love…

May 25, 2009 By In Reviews 12 Comments

My love for the Lelo Nea knows no bounds. The relationship started out iffy.  I won this vibrator in a contest over on the Eden Fantasys forums.  (Have you checked out the forums over there?  They’re a very nifty tool if you have questions about toys, toy use and sexuality in general)  When it got

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More deals to pass on to y’all

April 27, 2009 By In Babble No Comment

Softer side of kink – enter SOFTKINK at checkout for 15% off. And while some of these may seem softer I can highly recommend the fluffy flogger and the experimental kink set. Both are fabulous! 10% off all vibes if you enter the code VIBE9 at checkout. Want something low priced but powerful and quiet?

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Carrie Ann’s Wishlist

April 12, 2009 By In Babble 7 Comments

Yes, a wishlist. My wishlist. Because Ginger Leigh and SexToys.com are having a contest and I could win everything on it.  Can you squee loudly?  I can! The We Vibe.  G-spot and clitoral stimulaton DURING sex?  And it works?  Is that not heaven? Smart Balls in Vanilla/Pistachio to match my Laya spot. Shouldn’t everyone have

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In Lust with Liv (Video Review)

March 15, 2009 By In Reviews 10 Comments

The Lelo Liv is genuinely a spectacular and luxurious toy. Her features? Body safe, phthalate free silicone and plastic. Rechargeable LI-Ion battery charges in 2 hours and is good for 1 1/2 to 4 hours use. Indicator light lets you know when it’s on, how the charge is doing and when you push a button.

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