My weekend in snapshots

June 21, 2009 By In BDSM, Life, Love 6 Comments

I have nothing worthwhile to say today.  I’m tired. Worn out.  Sunburned to the lobster point. Quite spacey. Dehydrated a bit.  Achy.  Unfit company for intelligent human beings. I’ll share some pics, though This is Lake Michigan. We rode along the lake for a bit yesterday on our 5 hour bike ride.

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Cuz wendiana and kaya asked.

June 15, 2009 By In Babble 10 Comments

Me (with Taylor) in my dress on Saturday for wendiana.  Bad pic but ya wanted to see the dress. :) And another one cuz… Can’t you just tell we were talking about someone the second before this pic was taken? And Taylor’s haircut for kaya.  Not that it really shows it but, yanno, I must

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Squeeee! New camera cures sad!

June 11, 2009 By In Babble 6 Comments

Well, I seem to be getting over my case of the sads.  Did much talking with the kid and with Taylor and we resolved quite a few things and, in general, felt better for having talked so life is good. I also got my new camera yesterday.  A new camera goes a long way toward

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HNT and all that jazz

June 4, 2009 By In Babble 5 Comments

                          Hope y’all have a happy one!  I’m outtie.  Night night.  Sleepy sleep. xoxo

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In Lust with For Your Nymphomation

May 23, 2009 By In Babble 13 Comments

We all know I have a serious thing for pink, right?  That’s not to say I like everything to be pink or that I like everything that is pink.  For instance, there is no pink room in my house (*sob*!) nor do I have a bunch of pink knick-knacks sitting around.  No pink bath towels

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HNT 5.21

May 20, 2009 By In Babble 9 Comments

Nothing special this week. In fact, it’s an amusing HNT. The other morning I went outside in just my robe to have my coffee on our balcony.  I have a wrought iron chair out there that I sit in.  It’s got a rose design to it. Well, I had my coffee and came in to

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May 9, 2009 By In Babble 2 Comments

…got nothin’.  Except a picture of Taylor with the “puppy” for y’all who have been keeping track of him. He’s nine months old on Monday… …and he still thinks he’s a lap dog and Taylor still encourages him and he’s nearly as freaking tall as I am when he stands on his hind legs and

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Will work for Redbull?

May 4, 2009 By In Babble 1 Comment

I should have oodles to say. In fact, I DO have oodles to day. I just have no energy. Or Redbull. I spent Saturday cleaning the house from top to bottom. I’m talking washing woodwork, scrubbing floors, non stop cleaning. (Not that it’ll last. Between the pets and the factory a few blocks over I

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Middle of the Night and I got nothin’

April 30, 2009 By In BDSM 2 Comments

No, really. I have nothing. Well, ok, I have a snarky, ranting, totally outraged post brewing in my head but it’ll have to wait.  I’m too tired. I”m only posting to add my “let’s see how Carrie heals” picture of the day and to thank Coyote’s kitten for the Sexy Blogger meme/award thingy.  Which I”ll totally

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April 27, 2009 By In BDSM 1 Comment

Eh… So I pretty much feel like I got run over by a bus.  Did a lot of absolutely nothing today – other than the grocery shopping I didn’t do yesterday and Taylor was kind enough to take me on the bike.  Walking half a mile home – while it’s not that far normally –

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HNT 4.16

April 16, 2009 By In Babble 10 Comments


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Have I…

April 10, 2009 By In Babble 6 Comments

talked about the puppy lately?  No?  Well.  He’s seven months old tomorrow and about 70 pounds. He still thinks he’s a lap dog, though. And Taylor encourages him. (Though, admittedly, he only leaps up on Taylor like that, not the rest of us) It’s pathetically cute, really. A real post coming later. :)

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HNT 4.9

April 9, 2009 By In Babble 10 Comments

Another one from ’08.  So going to have to work on new pictures while that Teen is gone next week! Anyhow…  Sleep well folks.  I’m taking my well fucked ass to bed. :) xoxo

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March 25, 2009 By In BDSM 15 Comments

I don’t do the “official” HNT thing.  In fact, I hardly ever post even semi naked pics of myself.  Cuz…  I’m shy and shit. But I was thinking tonight, after talking to another shy girl, about how we worry way too damned much about every less than perky area and every wrinkle and every lump

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