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Weekend was fab. Play party was fun….

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Self awareness doesn’t always equal calm

Every time I know we’re going to a play party I get in this mild sort of panic all day. I’m not certain panic is the right word. I get nervous and apprehensive and excited.  I start to wonder – and want to know - what Taylor has planned, what he’s going to do to me.

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Boy, that girl sure can babble

So after a Teen free week, life is back to normal. Back to grabbing a robe before I get up to make coffee.  Back to tucking the princess satchel back into my room rather than leaving it out.  Back to not forgetting to put the toys away when I’m done with them.  And back to

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Saturday Funny

I recently won a contest over at CatalinaLoves by guessing who the naked person in some naked pictures was.  (See?  It pays to troll FetLife for hot pics to drool over.  You can win stuff by knowing just whose breasts you’re looking at!)  For my prize I got a really cute spanking DVD called Posterior

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It’s odd. Taylor and I are together almost 24/7 in the winter.  Work is dependant upon the weather and, while the hours are long and hard when there is work, there’s not a whole lot of work. So not only are we in each other’s laps day in and day out but we’re usually even

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But, yanno…

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There’s a good side. I got a spanking today and it pissed me off so much that I started doing Hoodoo Mojo Zen Mind tricks to keep myself from jumping up and spanking him back…  (yeah, right) And it actually worked to allow me to take more of the spankings! I’m a total, total wimp

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