December 2, 2009 By In Babble 7 Comments

It’s like the whole asking for play thing. If I ask and he does it, I feel too much in control. So he should just do it cuz he knows I need it and I shouldn’t have to ask.

And, yeah, we all know how well that mind reading stuff works, right?

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putt putt take two

September 1, 2009 By In Babble No Comment

Camping was an absolute blast. It ended up being just Taylor and I since our friends, one by one, dropped out.  (Not cuz we smell bad or anything.  Just a lot of sickness and emergency work calls and whatnot)  But it was good. We headed out on the bike around nine in the morning and

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Oh, look. I found something to say. Nevermind that I also lost it…

August 23, 2009 By In BDSM, Love 3 Comments

So I was cruising around FetLife, looking for something to inspire a rant or some deep thought or…  whatever.  Cuz, yanno, life in the Taylor y puss casa has been damned quiet and normal and uneventful for a damned long time.  (For those who may not know, puss = me.  Taylor calls me puss)  And

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FetLife, Snark and Oreos

June 26, 2009 By In Babble, BDSM, Life 6 Comments

So I log in to FetLife today – which I no longer do each and every day cuz I’m flippin’ busy, man – and the first things I see on my front page? “People who think dog rape is a-ok” and “Another day, another shoot at Kink”. Wandering over to my groups I found “Is

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Chill, man

May 22, 2009 By In BDSM, Love 4 Comments

So last night I ran Taylor a bath loaded with bubbles, handed him an erotic book and left him to soak for a bit.  While he was in there, I scrambled around lighting a zillion candles (including a massage candle) in our bedroom and putting a soft red sheet over the regular bedding to protect

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Totally Vanilla Love and Stuffs

May 19, 2009 By In Life, Love 7 Comments

So last year (there I go, doing it again.  I start so many blog posts with “so…”. It’s like I was in the middle of a conversation with y’all, got distracted and came right back to it like I never stopped. Heh) Anyhow.  Last year, Taylor saw some guy giving away a shed on Craigslist

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I feel good. I knew that I would.

May 18, 2009 By In BDSM, Love 2 Comments

(Were you humming along with the title?  I was.) Taylor and I were talkin’ this morning.  I was telling him about a blog I read and how I used to get all insecure when I read it, like I wasn’t doing it as “right” as this person was.  How even when they had struggles it

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Sleep? What sleep?

  Yeah, I got some.  In fact, I slept until nearly one in the afternoon today.  But why, you may ask, when I went to bed at like….  oh…  NINE last night?   In a word — Taylor. See, I’m out of ambien.  This is a huge bummer because I’m a chronic insomniac (and have

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Frenzy – and not the hot kind

May 15, 2009 By In Babble 3 Comments

Holy crap.  It’s been a strangely busy couple of days for me.  I feel like I’ve been moving non-stop!  The reality is more like my brain has been moving non-stop. Between the insurance snafu that I had to spend an hour on the phone dealing with this morning and the shopping yesterday and the uploading

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Boy, that girl sure can babble

April 20, 2009 By In Babble, Life, Love 3 Comments

So after a Teen free week, life is back to normal. Back to grabbing a robe before I get up to make coffee.  Back to tucking the princess satchel back into my room rather than leaving it out.  Back to not forgetting to put the toys away when I’m done with them.  And back to

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The Grumps

April 8, 2009 By In Babble, BDSM, Life, Love 8 Comments

So I straightened and vacuumed the living room, wiped down the kitchen, got most of the laundry started… Taylor is at the garage working on the bike… I’m bored. There are a ton of things I could do but I just don’t feel like it. I hate days like this. I woke up before I wanted

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Dim? Dense? Dumb?

April 3, 2009 By In Babble, BDSM, Life, Love 6 Comments

Kaya wrote a post today that has me thinking. (She actually wrote a couple posts this week that have me thinking.  Sitting down to write my thoughts just ain’t been happening – but the thoughts are there none-the-less.) She followed up on her blog post with a FetLife post, as well. Curious? I’ll go make

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Morning Sex

April 1, 2009 By In BDSM, Life, Love 9 Comments

I”m not much of a fan of morning sex. Don’t get me wrong.  Every time we have morning sex, I’m in heaven all day.  I just loahte waking up.  I don’t wake up well.  Someone touching me when I’m waking up makes me want to kill them; stab them right thru the eye with the

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Fluff, fluff and more fluff

March 26, 2009 By In Babble, BDSM, Love 8 Comments

Taylor is thiiiiiiiiis close to having the bike put back together and running for the season and, guess what? They’re forcasting snow for Saturday and Tuesday.   Whiskey Tango Foxtrot????? Wisconsin sometimes sucks ass. ——————————- I told Taylor to shut up this morning and had a damned fit over absolutely nothing. There are times I

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Pretty pretty princess (a rant)

Bunch of hooplah over on FetLife.  What’s new, right?   I’m extremely stressed out over the constant slavier-than-thou bullshit I see all over the place. I’m not a fucking slave, god damn it.  I don’t have to behave the way you do, the way the folks in Laura Antoniou’s books do or the way Master Meatmeister

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Protected: Empty

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Protected: Change

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Protected: Dark

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November 29, 2007 By In BDSM, Love 8 Comments

The six year anniversary of Taylor and I meeting for the first time is coming up pretty soon. Early in February, actually. We’d known each other years and years online but rarely talked. He used to tell me “one of these days, sin”. (That was my screen name back then. Submissively_sinful. Most people called me

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A Tidbit from Taylor

November 8, 2007 By In BDSM 3 Comments

A forum post Taylor made the other day… shared here just cuz I liked the way he put it and wanted to save the words. Punching “Yup, you read it right, I said punching. Balled up, clenched up, rock hard fist slammed into the face or flesh of your partner. Punching, the brutal impersonal jab

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Protected: Sad

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Belief, Faith, Trust and the Casualties of Lies

September 29, 2005 By In BDSM No Comment

Yeah..Obviously I’m still fretting over the whole Lied To situation of a couple weeks ago. That’s the problem with lies… even if you forgive someone you can’t really get it out of your mind as easily. “The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.” ~Thomas

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