You Rascal, You!

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rascal02 005The Rascal 02.  It’s been on my wishlist for a long, long time.  I mean a LONG time.   So when it went on sale?  I bought it.  In pink.  Because the white, fading into pale then bright pink, made me squirmy.  And almost matches my hair.  Well, unless I’ve recently done the roots and you can’t see my grey.  But that’s another topic, isn’t it?

After ordering,  I eagerly awaited it’s delivery only to open the box and find not the pink one I’d ordered, but a blue one.  I cried a little.  Then I called customer service and the pink one was soon on it’s way to my house.  Tantus really rocks at the customer service, for sure.

A few days later, the pretty pink Rascal showed up and I was, after years of wishing for it, a happy, happy girl.

But enough about that, right?  I mean, the details about me mugging the mailman and stabbing myself trying to open the package just aren’t that important.  Just remember not to open your packages with a fork, k?  K.

So anyhow…

The Rascal 02.  It’s silicone, but not just normal silicone.  Not even normal, platinum Tantus silicone.  This baby is um…  02 silicone!  Which means it’s dual density, with a firm core covered in super squishy, super squeezable, super plump soft silicone.  The outside feels nearly realistic in it’s velvety softness and plushness while the inner core keeps it from being floppy like some realistic materialed toys.  (Is materialed a word?)  It’s really quite divine.  Everything I’d hoped it would be and more, since the firm core really does keep it from being the least bit floppy.  (I was worried that it wouldn’t)

The Rascal 02 is a very squat, fat dildo.  And, honestly?  It feels even fatter due to the squishyness, the texture and the nearly matte silicone it’s made of.  This baby is only 5.5 inches long (4.75 insertable) but it has an astounding 1.75 inch diameter.  That’s 5.5 inches around.  That’s a big fake dick, folks.    It’s got a big, fat head and a ribbed/ringed shaft that, while the texture is soft and flexible, it’s also very noticeable.

It’s also got a flared base, which makes it great for harness use and safe for anal play.  (I do not have the balls to put this thing in my ass, though.)

It’s not really a rapid thrusting dildo.  It’s a bit too short for that as the thrusting is very shallow in order to have something to hold on to.  But for slow thrusting?  Or for just using it to fill your pussy as you stimulate your clit, giving yourself something to grip and squeeze around?  Oh, man.  This thing is something else.  It feels really, really good.  Slow thrusting allows you to really feel the ribs and the plushness of the 02 material, not to mention it’s thickness.  It definitely stretches and fills you, even if “you” are “me” who is used to larger toys and…  stuff.

jolletrascal 007On top of all that, the Rascal 02 also has a bullet hole in the base.  (No, not a real bullet hole, silly.  A hole for a mini bullet to be placed)  Just about any silver bullet type, push button vibe will fit in the hole, though it does come with a standard, one speed one, and turn the Rascal 02 into a vibrating delight.  it’s not going to vibrate hard and fast enough, thru all that dense, squishy silicone to give you much in the way of clitoral stimulation so I wouldn’t suggest trying it for that but it does rumble pleasantly inside you, adding to the experience.  Just make sure you coat your bullet with a bit of lube first, to make removal easier!

Speaking of lube, only water based should be used.  Tantus’ products are compatible with some silicone lubes but if you really must use silicone with silicone, make sure you do a patch test on the base so you know your lube is one of the ones that are okay.  Okay?  Thanks.  I’d hate to see anyone ruin such a gorgeous toy.

Clean up on the Rascal 02 is a breeze.  It does get linty and full of dust and pet hair, as all silicone is prone to doing, but a rinse before use usually takes care of that.  After use, just wash it with soap and hot water and pay close attention to the bullet hole and the ribbing.  Or boil it.  It can be bleached or put in the dishwasher, too.  Boiling, bleaching and dishwashing will sanitize it so it can be shared, either between people or orifices.

And that, my friends, is about it.  The Rascal 02 is definitely one of my favorite dildos, possibly one of my favorite sex toys in general.  I cannot WAIT for my biopsy to be healed so I can use it again!  (This no sex thing sucks!)

rascal 003The only problem I’ve had with it, at all, is the fact that I stuck it in an FYN case to take it to a play party and show my friends and, when I took it out, the lining of the bag had stained the top of the dildo, where it’s white, so now it looks bruised.  Bruised dildos are teh suck. :(

Definitely store yours in a drawstring pouch or even a sock or ziploc bag if you’re going to place it inside any sort of bag or purse that has a lining that bleeds.

product picture
$67.19Rascal 02
Dildo by Tantus
Material: Silicone

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  1. I own the Tentacle and I’m not so fond of it just because the texture on that one proved to be too much for me.


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